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If you attend one of our classes, you can find items that may be referred to in class here. Scroll down for content about "freeze", scenting, treibball, in-house and Kennel Club tests

Teaching rewind

Dog round chair

Teaching reverse using a chair


Proofing the Freeze for Nosework

Teaching a Freeze Indication

Treibball Information

Treiball Tricks

Treiball Challenge 5

Treiball Control Exercises

Treiball Tryers

This is an example of what we're aiming for. No pressure!

The video is in German, however it outlines the practice that we've been doing in class in early 2018:

Some classes are learning treiball techniques. The following site may be useful. It's in German so we've provided a link to an English translation however it's the visuals that are worth taking a look at:

Anja Jakob (English Translation)

Scent training
Some of our classes are working on scent training. This video shows you how to introduce your dog to the scent:

This video is about scent marking or training an indication or "freeze"

Tricks to use for Silver or Gold in-house awards (250KB)

Kennel Club Good Citizen tests
At The Friendly Dog Club we can carry out Kennel Club Good Citizen tests in-house with our own fully trained Kennel Club tester!

For details of what you need to learn for each test, see the information below:

Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze

Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver

Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold

Ask us for details about when tests will be carried out and to put your name down.

In house tests
If you're viewing this page on a device with a small screen, you can see the entire grid below by scrolling it left and right



Food allowed


Food allowed but not on nose


Reward allowed after exercises


Reward allowed after exercises


30 second

Standing by dog

1 minute

3 paces away

2 minute

5 paces, off lead

2 minute

5 paces, 30 secs out of sight


30 second

Standing by dog

1 minute

3 paces away

2 minute

5 paces, off lead

3 minute

5 paces, 30 sec out of sight


10 second

Standing by dog

30 second stand

Dog to stand still

30 second stand

5 paces, off lead

1 minute stand

5 paces, off lead


from owners hand

from examiners hand

examiner drops treat on floor

Recall past food


stick + toy

mat 3 paces away

Stop on Mat 10 paces away

Go round 2x 10 paces


Loose lead walking

Left and right side loose lead walking

Left and right side walking incl. Sits and turns

Off lead

(Small course set by examiner)


Loving recall

Loving recall with distractions

Formal recall and finish

A recall including heelwork & positions


Owner by dog

6 positions owner standing up

3 paces away – no creeping

5 paces away – no creeping


Give paw

Wave & roll over or beg or bow

4 different tricks from our list

x3 previosly learnt but from distance of 5 paces


Knock Dice off box

go out and hit flymouse box

hit box with paw,

plus 2 jumps

gold star = bring back toy

hit box with paw, over 4 jumps,

gold star = bring back toy



Handling by owner

On mat coming towards handler

on recall

10 paces away instructor to hold dog

on send away and recall





Fetch something back to handlers hand

gold starFormal retrieve

= Sit in Front




Scent cloth with owners scent from 5 cloths

Substance search


gold star = Owner and dog can earn Gold Stars if they can do the starred items.

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