The Ruby Diaries: Preparing to welcome Ruby home
Ruby comes home!

Today we pick Ruby up. She will be 8 weeks old. Jenny is coming with me to look after on the way home from Petersfield. Feeling excited about having a new puppy join us and a new companion for Roxy but rather sad that Daisy is not here to welcome our new arrival. Maybe she is in spirit!

Car is already with towels, cage, baby wipes etc etc. Sat nav all set to go.

All packed and ready to go!
All packed and ready to go!

Me, Ruby and Calli
Me Ruby and my doggy mum Calli

Travelling to her new home

Aunty Jennie having a cuddl

Chewing my chickens foot to keep me distracted

Meeting Roxy 
At my new home and meeting my new big sister Roxy

First thing I find in my new home is a lovely big bone

Ruby and Amy 
This Amy my human sister

Nick and Ruby 
And Nick my human brother in law!

Puppy feet 
Lovely puppy feet.

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